Februarium Day 3

Day Three, February 12: When you've loved.

-Write a brief history of your love life, or a single story about your first love. Extra credit for the juicy bits.

A brief history of my love life huh? Well this ought to be quick….

I am a girl of unrequited love or more simply put, I’m prone to crushes. Deep, intense crushes. I once saved a Mellow Yellow can because my current beloved had sipped from it. Shut up, I was 15.

We’ll start with that crush, his name was Benji and I was madly in crush with him from 1988 to 1994. What was worse was that he was my best guy friend and we would double date. I had a high school boyfriend named James who adored me but I treated him badly but still let him take me to dances and what not, all the while I had the mad crush on Benji. Benji lived across the street from James. He was dark completed and beautiful and I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. We would make silly homemade Kung Fu movies in his back yard. His house looked like an after school special.

In college I had a major crush on a guy named Todd. He was tall and had brown hair that flopped all over his head, sort of like Hugh Grant. His smile could make me stammer. I could barely talk to him for the entire time I was in college. My friends thought he looked like a young Thurston Howell the III. I never saw the resemblance. He’s now married to a chick named, get this, Pebble. That’s her honest to god given name. They live in Boston and are quite happy.

After college I developed a fantasy crush on the old high school boyfriend James. I daydreamed about him all the time. And to quote a really bad Poison song, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” We still email & he is still the coolest person I know. I swear if I could go back to 1992 and do just ONE thing differently our lives would have been radically different.

Now I’m married and I still have little crushes, but the tend to be on famous people. Currently I would sell my soul to have Scott Foley’s empty Mellow Yellow can. Sigh….