cold, flu & snow

Have I ever mentioned here that I really dislike snow? Well I do. I hate snow and my world is currently waist deep in it. This area is not equipped for 18.5 inches of snow. I come home from work on Friday and didnít leave my apartment until Tuesday night around 5 pm. Insanity.

Ian started a new job on Monday and the lucky bastard gets to work from home! I was so jealous today when I had to dig out the snow boots and then pack on to the metro with the other 8 million working schulbs this morning. The unemployment only lasted 2 weeks. THANK GOD!

One good thing about all this snow is that I was sick with the flu the entire time. At least I didnít have to use my sick days for actually being sick. Hate that. Sick days should be used for skipping work and going shopping or taking a mental health day.

My flu problem was why I didnít finish my last 2 Feburarium entries, both of which Iím still working onÖ.I promise. The last two are hard. Iím not really comfortable with the racy entry so Iím thinking that will be left out but why I love? Iíve just got no idea. And the others that Iíve read have been so good that I just canít comprehend my cruddy little essay being of any import. Iím hopped up on cold & flu medsÖmy last sentence didnít make senseÖthat tells me itís time to log off.