Februarium Day 2

Day Two, February 11: What you love.

-This one's about your favorite things, or pick one thing and wax rhapsodic on it. What turns you on? What gets you out of your bed in the morning? What brings you out of your funk? We want to know.

Iím sure that anyone who reads this little online diary frequently knows me pretty well and just might be privy to the knowledge that I am deeply involved in a life long love affair with television.

Yes, my name is Minnie Pearl and I am in love with television.

As a wee child the worse punishment my parents could ever give me what to take away my television privileges. Those were some dark days let me tell ya.

My current television addictions are as follows:

∑ Alias

∑ American Dreams

∑ Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Iíve already talked at length on this site about my love for all things Alias. It kicks ass, now please watch it so Iíll continue to have something to do on Sunday nights.

I canít tell you how sad I am that Buffy is going away after this season most likely. SighÖif they take away Alias I will be forced to watch something other than cool Ladies kickiní some ass on TV. Now thatís just not right. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

Other television greatness: the wacked out ďmovies of the weekĒ on Lifetime, those are some major cheese classics. I loves me some cheese TV movies, especially those that feature any former member of 90210 or Kellie Martin of Life Goes On & ER fame. Those are always the best. Valerie Bertinelli and Laura from Little House also have some good ones. Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon watching Lifetime movies.

Not to mention my addiction to the Discovery Channel, TLC, the Food Network, HGTV, Style and the end all be all of television for televisionís sakeÖE! The E! Entertainment Network is like Mecca to me. It is my homeland and if Iím lucky when I die Heaven will have big cushy couches from Pottery Barn and God will let me watch E! all day long. And then I wonít have to feel guilty about it.