Februarium Day One

Day One, February 10: Who you love.

- This is a love letter to anyone. Or no one in particular. Parent, spouse, significant other, ex-lover, pet dog -- you write it all down here.

*Sorry this is a bit lateÖIíve been sickÖ

Dear Old Pal,

Iím so glad that weíve gotten back in touch after so long, and isnít it cool that we can just pick up from where we left off. I canít think of many people that I have that kind of relationship withÖyou and maybe two other people. Another kicker is that I imagined your adult self to turn out in the exact fashion that you haveÖ.right down to your wacky manifesto type emails and your macrobiotic diet. Iím telling you man, itís plain creepy.

Thank you for seeing in my what I canít see in myself. Thank for you always cheering me on and keeping me focused on the big picture and not letting me get lost in the tiny details that tend mire me down. Iím sorry that we never seem to be in the same place or even the same country at the same time. I think in another life we would have been the perfect pair. But for this life we have separate lives and the occasional kick ass email-a-thon.

Be safe out there in the big world and remember that you will always be the first one to love me and for me to love right back.