drip, drip, drip

A Random Grouping of the Thoughts of Minnie Pearl

My office made us all take ID photos for security badges today. Many of my office brethren were all up in arms about the photos…they were acting like the security peeps were asking for DNA. I’m at a lost to explain why.

I’m in the middle of planning my beach vacation with my parents. I remember when I hated to go anywhere with them. And now I’m counting the days until I get to share a condo with them in the Outer Banks…. seriously counting the days.

Ian, man of slack, decided that he wanted to make shortbread at 11:30 last night. 11:30!

I get paid tomorrow, WHOO!

I had an unusual amount of energy this morning…and now I’m starting to crash which is why this entry is more boring than usual.

People are still googleing to this page by searching for GLITTENS. Heh.

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The stream of conscience is barely a stream here…this is more of a trickle. I’ll stop now, thanks for reading.