I should be piecing together some poorly written committee meeting minutes but Iím not.

Slacking is just so much easier to do.

Spent the entire weekend lounging, nay, wallowing about the shoebox. We went to the grocery store & bargain shopped, thank god for coupons & the giant bonus card. When I became weary of wallowing I did some laundry, so at least a small portion of the weekend was productive.

Ian spends his non-wallowing periods scouring the net for job opportunities, baking cookies, and cleaning. He seems to cope better with financial disarray that I do.

Next week Iíll be doing Februarium. See Tygerchildís page for more info on that. Itíll be my musings about luuuv and whatnotÖbe forewarned. Iíve only written one entryÖthe rest will have to be made up as I go along. The one Iíve written thus far is total pap. It needs to be completely rewritten, but Iím no longer in the mood to ponder all things lovey-dovey. So the entries should be rather snippety. Get ready.

I hope Iím in a better mood tomorrow