Friday Boredom

Just trying to fill up the last 28 minutes of work.

There’s nothing left to actually do…well that’s not true. I’ve got a dump truck sized load of filing to do but the Filing is a never-ending task so I do try to put away at least a little every day. I try, but I am rarely successful on Fridays.

The person who lives in the next little counter top/cubicle is one of the sort that creates extra stuff for herself to do…let’s say you need to update your check book register. This would take the normal person about 4 steps to accomplish this task.

1. Get out check book

2. Get out various receipts

3. Fill in the register with updates

4. Put check book away

It takes my neighbor 75,987 steps to accomplish this small task. It takes her 30 minutes to pack up her shit & leave the office. She gets to leave at 4. She just left…its 4:39. I have no idea why this annoys me so much. I want to slap her silly.

I’ve been quite the crafty betty in the past weeks & I am charging headlong in to a new project this weekend…maybe…I’m going to attempt to etch glassware….I’m stealing this idea from Martha Stewart, but she’s occupied with the SEC so I’m sure she won’t notice. I’ll report my findings on Monday.

This entry sounds oh-so businessy. I spent most of today writing up the minutes of a dental policy meeting today…and I think it sucked all the humor right out of me. I am a lifeless policy wonk. I will soon begin to wear blue suits with sassy neckerchiefs, nude hose and sensible low-heeled pumps. And wear my hair in a puffy cloud around my head.

So the weekend’s plans are this.

1. See the new Harry Potter flick with Ian tonight

2. See Doug (DOUG!!) from trading spaces tomorrow

3. etch some bitchin’ designs on some thrift glassware to pawn off on unsuspecting relatives as Christmas gifts

4. See 8.mile with Alex

5. Try to talk Alex out of going to Ikea on Sunday so I don’t have to go with him

So there you have it. The ever-thrilling life of Minnie Pearl.