ramblin' minnie

I’ve not updated in 4 days! My god, I should be shot.

I read other peep’s diaries everyday & get kinda cranky whenst they’ve not updated….how dare I keep my public waiting?! Oh the outrage!

Enough with the mock outrage.

Tryin’ to think of what’s been happening….which is apparently not much if it’s taking me this long to think of something interesting to type about.

Hmm, I’ve discovered a hidden love of any sort of Celestial Seasonings tea. Damn that is boring.

On the Operation Foxxy front: I have lost a whoppin’ grand total of 6 lbs. And it’s only taken me a flippin’ two months. I think I need to be more dedicated; this is not going to be some easy Operation Desert Storm! Operation Foxxy is waging the war on FAT! And that my friends, is a definite member of the wacky Axis of Evil.

Other news…RSC is in Japan visiting my man James. Yes, I am still jealous. But I am happy to report that James has found a girlfriend in the Far East and he’s all happy and giddy about it, so cute. AND! He’s asking me for advice about her!! He’s not done that before, so it’s groundbreaking…this paragraph is going to make sense to no one but me so I apologize.

Stupid Critical Thinking is almost over, just one more week. Then I move on to the Easy A course. It’s a basic intro to computers, but it’s billed as a 300 level class, which is bullshit, but I won’t get started on that tangent.

Maxwell, my cat, needs to have more extensive dental work done on his 8 remaining teeth & I’m taking him to the vet on Saturday. We might not have Christmas if it cost what it did last time. It’s a good thing that cat is my baby, if he weren’t so sweet and fuzzy I would have to give him away to some rich people who could afford to cap his little rotten teeth.

My, my, this is a rambling bad entry, I’ll stop now, maybe I’ll have something worthwhile to relay to you later.