the best things in life are damned expensive

Anyone have about $700 that they’d like to give me? Anyone? No? Hmmm, I guess I’ll just have to figure out another way to visit James.

It blows to be poor…well, not destitute but cash poor. I desperately need a raise.

As I am a new Critical Thinker, I will provide you some support for why I need a raise.

My car, Yertel, is on her last legs, her power steering is failing, her brakes are shot, and we all know about her heating and cooling issues. In shorter form, I need a new car.

I am very close, 4 months away, to completely paying off my hughmungo Citibank bill. This will free up a car-payment sized amount of cash so I might be able to carry the expense of a snazzy little blue VW bug. To quote, Tygerchild, it will run on starlight and dreams.

Another need for large amounts of pocket money, I want to go to Japan. As I have given you much information about that issue, I’ll not bore you with further details.

Christmas is coming, I haven’t purchased a single, solitary gift. Ian’s completely finished and I’ve not even begun. It’s pitiful.

I have a stinkin’ $108 ‘s worth of a text book to buy which covers basic computer stuff like, “where is the on button?” I won’t even get in to how much commotion this next class is already causing…the students are planning a revolt.

So those are my reasons, weak they maybe, for needing more money, now my little friends, run to the ATM of your choice and take out an extra $20 for me.