an angry young woman


I’m back with more complaining to do…I think I might rename this thing…Pearls of Misinformation doesn’t really jive (did I really just type the word jive) with my current mood…the constant mood of annoyance and dislike. But constant mood of annoyance and dislike doesn’t really roll off the tongue like Pearls of Misinformation.

I bailed on my friend Taylor in NYC this weekend, because I am a wuss.

Instead I’m going to waste time all weekend with the vague promise that I could be doing homework if I wanted to….and hanging curtains. Ian is on a home improvement kick and decided last night that we need curtains in the bedroom. Now this is not to keep people fro looking in…we have blinds and all…but just for sheer decorating value. How odd is that? You’d think that curtains would be more important to me as the chick and all…esp. with my Trading Spaces obsession. But I just don’t have the energy to care about the design of my own space.

I want to move to another apartment again. The tiny walls of the shoebox are beginning to close in on me...again. Ian got a new job so it could be possible this time…my luck it will bomb and we’ll be broke and homeless…living with Maxwell in the back of Ian’s Gallant.