back away slowly....this one's got a temper

My Big List of Grievances …part II

1. Insane office politics.

2. Someone I know is taking a trip to Japan, with out me, to go and see my old childhood sweetheart. I said that I wouldn’t be mad but now suddenly that it’s actually happening…I am.

3. My graduation date was pushed back from June 2003 to August 2004 and I didn’t do anything to cause this delay, like drop classes or something…I was just lied to by the administration…Minnie: “How long does it take to complete the degree program?” Scheming Administration: “ A year and a half.” Fast forward to 10 weeks later, Minnie: “When is our graduation date?” Scheming Administration: “ August 3, 2004.” Hmm, that’s a tad longer than a year and a half…I’ve been screwed by the accelerated degree programs once again. Sigh.

4. Still stuck on the Japan Trip. That is really my main grief today. I also don’t get to tell anyone about this jealousy, Ian would be hurt, and the other person I would tell is actually going to Japan. I can’t tell the childhood sweetheart, he’d think I was being silly, which I am…but I can’t help it.

5. I, as always, want to get out of this place…YESTERDAY, but yet it still seems that I will be stuck here forever.

6. I realize that number 5 is a tad vague but I’m grumpy so you’ll just have to deal.

7. The office’s internet access is all crappity ass slow today and it’s seriously putting a cramp in my internet addiction.

8. I still can have soda of any kind.

Arrgh, enough with the list…this diary is crap lately anyway. I read other diaries and I am usually reminded that I have no talent for writing. I’m much more fun in person. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to make it through the day. Maybe I’ll just go home today and work on a banner ad for this site, but what would I use as my hook? Come see my big list of grievances? Bleck, that is not a happy ad…nor is it clever.

Feh, Gah, Plech, Garrumph, Piss, Moan, Sigh

Who needs hard liquor?