just a bunch of whining

Days left in active social life: 4

Ronda moves to Denver on Friday, and I’m still aggravated at her…I can’t decide if this is some sort of defensive mechanism or what…

I was quilted in to attending the Mary Prankster show last night at Iota, but then had to wait around for an HOUR and a half for Ronda to show up, I was waiting with Alex so I wasn’t all alone but it was annoying none the less. I’m just so damn cranky.

I won’t do another list of grievances. I promise I’ll even try to keep my whining at a minimum.

Ian could possibly have another new job; a recruiting company is having their 3rd interview with him today. He’s meeting the president, the vice president interview was yesterday, the veep said that she wasn’t sure on how they would “utilize his skills” but that they wanted to bring him on board and find a place for his talents….whatever that means.

It means that I’m going to be stuck in Washington for at least one more year.

I have a paper to write for school today…anyone knows anything about critical thinking and why it’s important? Yeah…me either. I’ve read all my reading assignments for the entire class BEFORE it even started! How’s that for insanity. But yet, all I can remember from my readings is that critical thinking is questioning everything. Right now I’m just too apathetic to question everything….I just don’t give a hoot, and if one more professor gives me a freakin’ number puzzle to figure out while using my “critical thinking skills” I will be forced to attack them with my pen.

Ok, you’ve taken enough abuse from me today, I’ll try to improve my attitude and write something more entertaining tomorrow.