More Wedding Drama...but this time it's someone else's wedding

Liz and Jeff got engaged over the weekend while hiking. Again I am glad that I lost the coin toss on Jeffrey…I hate hiking. J

SO the great wedding planning continues, the other BMs (bridesmaids) want to have short skirts with tops of different styles but all in the same color and fabric. I hate the short skirt idea, too fifties wanna be for my tastes, but I am on the losing end of this battle I think. Liz is letting us decide what we wear because she’s more interested in planning the reception, or the Big Party, as she calls it. The big day is planned for next October 11th. Operation Foxxy is still in full effect, still slowly losing the lbs, but nothing spectacular yet. As soon as I can get in to this gray pantsuit I bought in the spring you, Dear Diary, will be the first to know…

It’s review time around the office and we have to complete a self review before we have the review with the boss…my bosses keep sending me coded messages like “ I need you to manage me more” and “ I would like you to anticpate my every whim” things of this nature…they are driving me nuts. I am not Radar, this is not a television sitcom…I don’t read minds. If you want something done then friggin’ ask me to do it!!


On a happy note, tonight is the last night of Project Management!!! Critical Thinking here I come!