we don't need no education

again...I should be writing my personal goals paper right now but I can't stand to listen to my drivel anymore.

I hate writing papers about myself & goals...it sucks.

but I have to write at least 123 words more to get past the 750 word mark...

why couldn't this have been a paper about something you can research, quote, and cite?

You need 800 words on the effects of bad communication? No problem!

A 30 minute presentation about team dynamics, coming right up!

but nothing is more boring than 750 words about what I hope to gain as a university of blah blah student.

I've got all you need right here:

All I hope to gain as a University of Blah Blah student is a bachelors degree in information technology.

There. Nice, simple, to the point, and all in 19 words.

why do we need to expand on it?