stupid trashcan

My job has little stress, very very little stress, at least compared to the pressure we were under at Qwest. All I do here is wait for someone’s phone to ring, (which it hardly ever does), and wait for people to need copies of something. I’m also supposed to file crap, but we all know how much I hate to file so that really doesn’t get done. It will one day but damned if I can’t always find something better to do…like spend time on diaryland.

I like my bosses, they are lovely and self-sufficient, and they just need me to do trivial stuff. They are both kind and really a joy to work for, BUT now I have another person to support on one committee. This person is EVIL. I dislike her greatly. She’s nit-picky and greatly enjoys torturing support staff. She deletes mailing lists and blames it on her assistant. Her assistant has created this elaborate filing system to track all dealings with her boss as a CYA (cover your ass) file. Every drop of interaction between the two is documented on color-coded paper and date stamped when the tasks are completed. It’s mind-boggling. Well, Ms. Evilwitch has so overworked her assistant that she can’t handle all her crap…and the crap has migrated over to my desk. SO it has been officially decreed by our department head that I will be assuming the support role on one committee with Ms. Evilwitch. I spend almost 3 hours yesterday trying to decode the mailing list for one stinking committee. This caused me to just go bonkers and then run off to read Newsweek for about an hour in the bathroom.

I was scribbling my frustrations on a little post-it note yesterday after my bathroom break to just get it out of my system. I then threw the post-it in the trash, so I could move on with my day. Apparently I’m a bad shot at the trashcan, my boss (not Ms. Evilwitch) FOUND the post-it and left me a note on her desk to see her so we can discuss my issue….argh

I’m not looking forward to this.