I am procrastinating.

I should be working or writing my first paper of the school year.

But, I am doing an entry instead.

I helped my boss move the paper cutter…. this has been the extent of my work for today. They keep telling me that it’s going to get really busy in September & October. I’m interested in seeing just what “busy” entails here. So far their busy has not equaled my busy.

The marriage thing seems to be working out better these past few weeks. I think we (or more to the root of the problem ME) have settled in to a pleasant groove. I have pulled the proverbial stick out of my ass and become more flexible with my issues. It has made our lives much easier the past few weeks.

Ian’s been looking for jobs in the KY area; this tends to make me feel alternately excited and scared. Excited because a new place would be fun, but scared because we wouldn’t know anyone in Louisville. I have a 40 year old cousin there but he’s a dentist…not that I wouldn’t want to hang out with my dentist cousin and his wife but I think they’re a bit too church-going for our social tastes.

I feel strange today, like I’m developing a cold or something…blah.