where is everybody? where'd everybody go?

Today is July 5th and I should have taken the whole day off.

There are about 6 people in my entire office including me and none of us are working, well maybe one is but if what I know of human nature is true, I bet they’re just faking it.

Tonight the Big I and myself will head over the big bay bridge and foray in to an unknown territory for us both…. staying at a parent’s home whilst sleeping in the same bed with each other… DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMM!

It will be odd but we will suffer through it. I wanted to go to the beach this weekend but the closest I could get was the Eastern Shore….at least there is water…and rumors of a boat ride…plus more fireworks. This might not be sooo bad after all.

I’s parents have a kidney shaped pool that attracts frogs that I may or may not swim in…depending on how many of the siblings are there. Those siblings worry me, but I think I’m just being a freak. They tend to overwhelm me….that bunch. Whew, I’m getting a bit weirded out just by thinking about it.

I shall dazzle them with my new snazzy Rizzo sparkly sunglasses. I shall make the Big I buy me some local treats! I shall flip my hair and wear peddle pushers!

I shall stop over using the word shall!