patriotisim swells in the heart of the american bear

I should be using this time to write thank you notesÖbut I wonít beÖ

Just to update you on my little list of things to do that posed as my entry part 2 from yesterday, I purchased a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude at Olssonís today at lunch. So will soon be saying CHECK! Love to cross those things off.

Iím hoping that The Big Iís wacky fam will be going to the beach this weekend so we can tag along on Saturday. Iím growing weary of the sitayÖall this mass transit is making me anxious. Random thoughts of terrorism keep popping up in my head while I wait for the train in the mornings. I know another attack is inevitable but is it wrong of me to want it to happen someplace else? I donít think I will want to live here anymore should something else happens. Maybe I should stop taking that bus to the Pentagon. I didnít think about this stuff until I started my new AM route.

Iím back at Java & Lucyís place for the rest of the week. Their parents are going away to the seaside without them. I should be able to fund my Vegas trip with this stay. WHOOO!

Have a happy Fourth of July or Fourth-a-ly-jew as I used to say as a kid. Now go buy some sparklers!