sadie sadie, married lady

i have survived the wedding! it is over! we can now go on with our lives! whhoooo!

to all those lucky singletons out there, should you ever marry....ELOPE. i've said it before and i'll say it again, it's not worth the trouble. if you're having a big wedding for the gifts you'll just end up with 3 blenders and a high stress level. Take it from one who knows.

the honeymoon was great fun and I got to see south florida, which is where my friend puddinhead is moving even as we speak. i can't wait to visit her! one strange thing about the keys...there were no waves. the island is surounded by a barrier reef that keeps out the waves. as far as the eye can see it's flat calm water. it kinda freaked me out, like a giant bathtub. the water was really warm. Ian's ready to pick up and move there but i think i'll stick to the city for now.