the death of a singleton

today i head to KY to begin the wedding maddness.

i'm attempting to put on a brave calm face and march in to my doom. this is not your typical bride speak i guess but i'm rather fatalistic these days.

what would you do if your best friends were divorceing each other while you are getting married. it's a tad freaky. but life with Ian will be much diffrent than it was before.

i spent the last 2 weeks mourning the death of my singleness. never again will i spend an entire sunday alone on my couch with my cat watching the e! true hollywood story marathon. i wasn't alone in my mourning...Ian was in Bethesda mourning his dying bachelorhood all weekend as well.

We are both excited about the honeymoon, 4 days in Key West. I'm gonna try my very best to be a sweet new wife while we travel. usually i'm ready to kill him after about half way to our destination.

my god, i hope we don't drive each other nuts.

don't worry i'll send postcards from the road.