the burning bed

the first fight of married life has begun. we are fighting over the cat. maxwell woke us up at 4:08 this morning, let me rephrase that....IAN woke me up this morning at 4:08 while cursing at the cat.

many rounds of pointed barbs followed as Ian blamed me for not having control over my cat & compared me to Pavlov's dog. Maxwell cries = I give him attention. I was asleep while this was happening. Pavlov's dog can apparently respond even while sleeping.....

I can understand that Ian would be aggrivated by the abuse of a 10 oz. cat, it annoys me when I'm wake to be annoyed. The bigger issue for me was the way Ian handled it. He bitched and moaned for almost an hour. Sighing and turning violently in the bed all the while keeping me awake with an on going lecture of cat discipline. Those two words just don't go together! cats are UNDISCIPLINED! that is their nature, they are just cooler that way. if they did everything we told them they'd be DOGS! arrrgh.

we were both overly hateful this morning when he finally gave up & got in the shower at 5 am. by this time i was extremely pissed at Ian and feeling overly protective of my baby, Maxwell.

He left with out waking me up and when I got to work there were 2 nasty emails waiting for me. I was positive that when I got here there would be sweet emails of appology. but we seem to have more to discuss.

His first email actually explained who Pavlov and his dog were......this pissed me off to no end. as if i hadn't had any exposure to psychology. there are times when he "explains" things to me that a freaking GOOSE would know as common sense and I JUST WANT TO TAKE HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF.

does he really think that i have no brain? this is a serious issue. and i'm taking it all out on the poor diary...R is in Denver having a super fun single girl time with L & J. I'm dying to be there as well as the past few days of this married life crap have really stunk.

and i'm having issues with the name change thing AND i'm nursing my troubles with twix for breakfast. thhhhhttttpppphht!