Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

Iíve not updated in 10 days because there really hasnít been much to say. My outlook on current events is depressing and Iím trying to keep this thing from becoming a web-based bitchfest.

Ian is thinking of changing the direction of his career and as he takes his ďcareerĒ so very seriously this has caused a wee bit oí drama but Iím being as supportive as I can possibly beÖat least I think I am. Who knows? Someday this crap will be worked out and I can quit thinking about it so much.

School is school; learning programming languages in a 5-week span is not hard. I need to just realize that I am currently buying my undergrad. If I actually want to learn any of this stuff, Iím just going to have to do it on the job. I have stopped caring really. If I learn it great! If not then Iíve always got my books to fall back on. Or I could just keep on going to schoolÖ.ack, I donít think I can handle grad school.

Next week we start to learn JavaÖI have to whip up a little timekeeping database in Java as my homework. I could only get my currency convert in C to run once and my teammate Barney did all the hard coding. All I did was write the printf statements. For those of you who were like me and didnít take programming in high school, a printf statement is the EASIEST thing to learn. Apparently my brain isnít cut out for higher-level computer thinking. Arrgh!

Ugh, focusing on the positiveÖ.

I finally got a condo rented for Lizís bachelorette party, that was a huge load of my mind. But now I need to get the $$$ from the rest of this motley crew of bridesmaidsÖIím afraid that is going to take a bit more force than I had anticipated.

Iím going to KY over Easter and Iím really looking forward to it. Ian is going to stay here so it will give us a nice break from the shoebox. As far as moving, it looks like weíre going to stay put for at least another 6 to 8 months. Who knows, it could all change tomorrow. Maybe Iím just looking for the constant upheaval to stop. I think our lives have been in constant change since Feb 2002. When the roller coaster stops I am so very ready to get off.