Laa Laa Laa Laa

1 person found this site yesterday after searching for Platinum Streaks, and another person got here by googleing the words “I’m pregnant”, which I’m not. Search engines are wacky.

SPRING IS HERE and I’m in an entirely better mood than I was yesterday.

Last night after work I had the worst metro experience ever. I will be leading the cause for the installation of Quite Cars in our metro system. Like they have on Amtrack. If I have to listen to one more policy wonk talk nonstop about their silly job for the ENTIRE 30 MINUTE ride to my stop I will cold cock them with my cell phone. This chick’s voice was so shrill that I couldn’t drown her out with my MP3 player….I was crazy aggravated when I finally got to Braddock and my car & driver were no where to be found. Needless to say I was not pleased. Poor Ian, he’s created a monster. I was very evil but I was nice after we got home and apologized.

My Mood is sagging slightly as my boss again is driving me to drink…at 10:14 in the morning. I’ve got what…like…524 days until I graduate…hopfully I won’t need to kill someone before then….