random list of pissy thoughts


That is the word of the day peopleÖ.arrgh.

Ian and I got the day started rightÖ.with a lovely fight about money. Oh what a way to start your day.

My mood has not recovered since I kicked the bar stool over in anger at 7:15 this morning. And I have to go to class tonight and ramble for 4 minutes about customer service as it relates to cell phone usage. Yeah, uh-huh.

I finally got my name changed on my driverís license and the picture isnít too bad. And Iím even wearing my glasses.

Friday I fly to Denver to hang out with the hang with my mountain peeps. Should be fun, letís see how little $$$ one can spend while visiting another state. Iím hoping I can get by on about $15 for 4 daysÖletís see thatís $3.75 a day, oh that will be fun. Iíll be sure to tell you how that little experiment in fiscal responsibility goes when I return.

Well Iím off to class, letís all just pray that I donít murder people while Iím thereÖ.