Operation Foxxy and the fun weekend

This weekend was surprisingly fun. Friday night I had a happy hour with Ronda and Andrew at a dive bar I’d not been to, the party continued over to our tiny apartment where we all had far too much to drink, got rather stoned. We played Pass The Pigs, Scruples, and the uber-easy Millennium Edition of Trivial Pursuit. I was horrid at Pass the Pigs, I don’t really remember about Scruples…I think we just gave up…I did rule the Trivial Pursuit. The group surrendered to my trivial knowledge after I got all the pies. So we called it a night around 1:30. Andrew managed to leave his keys at our place and had to spend the night at the Quality Inn…he doesn’t remember phone numbers apparently.

Saturday was Art on The Avenue, which is a big street fair a block from my house that features local artists. I was very good and had no street fair food! I didn’t even buy a cup cake at the church bake sale! People this is an amazing thing…I fought the persuasive powers of baked goods!! YEA ME!!! Operation Foxxy is in full effect.

The rest of Saturday Ronda & I spent at the movies; we saw Red Dragon (good & scary) and Sweet Home Alabama (not as funny as it could have been, very hot leading man). We had a twofer, I love that. I think I might try a threefer in the coming weeks; the holiday movie season is fast approaching.

Sunday was Ronda’s birthday. The party was fun, got to see some peeps I’d not seen in a while so that was nice. I even got Ian to go…which was no small feat as it was a Sunday during football season.

This weekend completely made up for the entire month of September. It’s boding well for October. I will keep the hope alive for a fun month.

I weight in tonight at WW. I have been militant this week so if there isn’t at least a pound of this blubber off of me I’ll… well I’ll …. I’m not sure what I’ll do but I’ll be damned pissed if I’ve not lost weight. I even worked out to day at lunch! For an entire 30 minutes!! I rode one of those silly stationary bikes. It was programmed so that it would be like I was riding up and down hills. My legs are a bit rubbery this afternoon. I WILL forage ahead and take control over this. I think my attitude has improved this week just from the focus on my body…I can control it and that takes my mind off of the things that I can’t control.

I think Ian’s a bit annoyed as I had frozen weight watcher dinners twice last week and the rest of the time I had soup and veggies. He’s more of a pork chop type person…and I frequently have to tell him that corn is not really a vegetable…he doesn’t believe me that it’s a starch.