whiny musings of a weight watcher with an aversion to details

Have I mentioned how much I dislike project management?

Iím pretty sure I haveÖbut just in case Iíve not told you, I hate project management.

Repeat to self ad nausem: Itís only 2 more weeks; itís only 2 more weeks.

My books for Critical Thinking came in the mail yesterday. They are both paperback size, which is a wonderful thing. Itís very hard for me to read a regular sized textbook on the metro for some reason. I just canít hack it.

Operation Foxxy continues, I lost weight for this week but the total is a tad under whelming so Iíll be keeping the actual figure to myself this week. I am trying very hard to be diligent but I am jonesing big time for some hohos. Damn that vending machine manÖI think he can sense when people are trying to lose weight. For months and months weíve had a craptastic selection of snacks in the vending machineÖnow suddenly Iím trying to lose weight and frigginí ho hoís and Twinkies appear in the damned machine. Itís a vast conspiracy I am telling you. The Man wants me to be a cow. But I will TRIUMPH!!! (Minnie waves clenched fist in the air)

The big ďmovingĒ sale is next Saturday. Not that Iím going anywhereÖIím merely glomming on to someone elseís moving sale.

Time to go to class. May I have the strength to ward off the craving for a pumpkin spice bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.