and then there were 2

I'm at home today...having my tummy trouble again. not sure what set it off last night. i didn't have any of my contraban foods...maybe i have more stress in my life than i realize?

anyway i've gotten to spend some QT with my kitten, Maxwell, and do some school work. I'm ready to graduate....so sad that it's already making me tired. it's only been 4 weeks. many many many more to go.

i think i need some KY time.

Going to the beach house this weekend, for ian's birthday, his aunt, uncle and cousin from scotland are here and we are going back to visit more with them. it should be fun. my sister-in-law's wedding was last weekend and it was fun. more fun than i though it could be...i was super helpful and nice all weekend there by further sealing my victory as the favored daughter-in-law...which is not that big a deal to do...my competition is not fond of my mother-in-law so she's never very nice. and she came to the rehearsal dinner dressed like a hooker, i on the other hand looked like i'd stepped straight out of a copy of southern living. they just loved me, what can i say?

my good friend and old cabinmate, mb is moving away this weekend. all the way to IRELAND....she's going to the univeristy of dublin. i'm sad. i'll be missing her party becuse we have to go the the beach....but i do get some QT with her tomorrow. we're going to the much anticipated HAMBURGER MARY'S!!!!

i'm so excited! i do wish that MB wasn't moving away...but it will be fun to tell stories about my friend in Dublin!

All of my friends have moved away...

1. Liz & Jeff - moved to Denver a year ago on the 4th of July, still miss them like crazy

2. Puddinhead - moved to FL about 6 months ago, still miss the monthly hang outs with my old cabinmate.

3. RSC is activily looking for jobs all over the country and the world so i'm thinking that by sometime after x-mas she'll be moving away too.

4. Jonathan the jackass removed himself from my friendship becuase of his bastardly actions to RSC.

5. Kristina & Qyhun - moved to Phoenix a year ago too...they're all caught up in babies now so even if they lived here we still wouldnt get to hang out as much anyway.

That leaves Andrew and Alex as my last remaining DC friends.

I guess I'm going to have to go and make new ones......oh how i hate that.