sleepy, cranky, and generally freaked out

So I was sick yesterday and missed class and now I feel like a schmuck for not going…. I think my team members are miffed at me for not being there.

Perhaps I should just be a grown-up and ask them if there is anything they’d like me to do this week to make up for my absence last night.

Today has been such a wash. No one is very productive today and we’re all a bit moody. I brought my tennis shoes just in case I ended up walking back home due to some crazy attack of some kind. I did take the metro this morning even though my family in KY wanted me to drive.

I got like 18 hours of sleep yesterday and last night and I am still very sleepy. I could just curl up under my desk and take a good nap.

Tonight I’m going to Hamburger Mary’s with Ian, MB, & Andrew. Which should be interesting since Andrew has his retarded phobia of gay men. Hamburger Mary’s promotes their restaurant as a “Family Restaurant, run by a different Family”. They’re based in San Fran and sound FAB-u-LOS. I can’t wait.

Blargh, I am so ready for this entire month to end. I officially no longer enjoy September…damned terrorist, they’re taking the fun out of everything.