Oh Mr. Jefferson, you're sooo witty!

I’m supposed to be doing the pantsdown thing….I signed up to do it and have written the topics down in my paper journal to attempt to flesh out some ideas to make this diary an interesting one for you, dear reader….but so far I’ve got nothin’. Let’s hope that some creative thoughts will come to me on the bus ride home today.

I blew off the bridal shower of my sister-in-law…I had a bit of a hangover so I called and told them that my car, the ancient ford escort, affectionately know as Yertel, wouldn’t start. They seem to have bought it but I’m dealing with some residual guilt. I’d kill the Big I if he lied to my fam to get out of a social engagement….I need to think of something to make it up to him.

Instead of doing the shower I got my hair cut off instead. It’s short now and floppy on top, it’s spikey in the back….sorta as if Hugh grant let his hair get a bit long and used sculpting wax on the back….maybe I’ll get a pic and post it….or maybe not…

I desperately want to get out of town this weekend, but I’m a tad cash poor and Ian’s being a poo about it. I suggested Charlottesville, what with all the good B-n-B’s ( harhar har), really I want to visit Monticello…I love Thomas Jefferson. He’s my favorite founding father….what with his dashing good looks and his quick wit. Yes I realize I am odd. I also have a thing for Napoleon, but that, dear reader, is another entry.