sleepy ramblings

Trying to think of things that will make me look much busier than I actually am. The typing of this entry in Word makes me look slightly busy but I know it ‘s a flimsy sham.

Not much going on this weekend other than the cursed bridal shower, which I promise, I will not mention again. Heading off to Ikea to help A furnish his new bachelor pad on Sunday, the big I is heading to the beach tonight but I am stuck here in the city, dog sitting for Oscar the Dalmatian. He’s got Canadian parents…they’ve ventured north to do Canadian things I suppose. Strange thing about Oscar is that he pees out of two holes…so his urine kind of arches and then splits off into 2 little streams. He peed on me the first time we walked together…I quickly learned to stand to the right of the stream…thus removing myself from the spray. I am exhausted, I’ve been dog sitting for most of this week and I just can’t sleep well at this house. I come to work and sit around like a zombie, which wouldn’t be to bad if I had more privacy. Someday I’ll have an office!

My boss will be on vacation for the next two weeks, I’m not sure if that will be a good thing or not. My second boss will be here…he’s nice but he tends to get bored easy and will be out here chatting with me all the time…which I tend to not want…don’t be my pal, just give me your crap work and let me go about my business. Sheesh, when did I get so anti-social?

Thinking of planning a girls weekend soon, but not sure on what level of planning I should undertake…plus how would I get some far-flung chicks here for the weekend when flights are so high these days. I saw a news story this morning saying that US Airways employees have taken a cut in pay for a 20% share in the company stock. The airline had to make the concession of pay to avoid bankruptcy. I find it hard to understand how airlines can be going bankrupt. Airports have never been more crowded or more expensive. BWI was chaos last weekend…I thought I would have a nervous breakdown before I left.