Darrrrrllllling! * Air-kiss* Air-Kiss*

As far as my previous entry goes, Ian’s not said anything more about the james issue…but I’ve not brought it up either so who knows. James is “going” to call me so we can plan his visit but he’s not called yet. He mentioned wanting to come this weekend, and I hope that he does, because next weekend I have to go to Easton to Ian’s sister’s bridal shower….ugh.

The sisters-in-laws bailed on my bridal shower but I’ll have to go to hers. Hate to waste a good Saturday on a bridal shower for someone you don’t really know…or quite frankly care to. Hateful I know but I can tell we will not have one iota in common. She enjoys going to watch her fiancé play softball. Not actually playing the softball herself…but WATCHING someone else play. She also always wants to kiss me on the cheek when she sees me…these things lead me to believe we will never be very close. They all do that kiss kiss thing when they see each other…it freaks me out. Why is it that a simple hello, how are you just won’t cut it?

Ronda’s threatening to sell her home and move to a shack on stilts in the Maldives, if her office doesn’t calm down soon, there seem to be budgeting issues of some sort. I still want to move but I’m not sure when. I’m tired of the city but at the same time I think I would be overly bored if we moved to KY right now. I’m slightly worried about the making new friends thing…will it be as much fun as here? But if Ronda moves to the Maldives or some other far-flung location then really why state here? It would be dull as everyone is moving away. If I have to make new pals then I should be able to do it anywhere. I should buck up and quit my whining, I’m quite likable when I’m not a whiney butt…or at least some people have told me I’m quite likable, so I think I’ll go with that assumption.

One slightly exciting thing…I get to take a professional development workshop on business writing next week. I can’t believe that I’m actually excited about it. It will be 2 days out of the office so that alone should be fun.