she'll be comin' round the mountain

Rather uneventful week so far…. and the last entry is kind of hard to top…

R and I are going to KY on Thursday to take Keaton (the dog) to a farm so he can have wide-open pastures to play in. Keaton has in the past 3 months: crack R’s rib, knocked her knee out of the socket (not sure if that is the correct phrase here..) and escaped from the house about 4 times and ate a couch cushion.

So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth by R she has decided to send Keaton away. I worry about Kaiser. I wonder how he will take being the lone pack dog now.

I am excited because: A) I get to visit with the fam.

B) I get to pick up our official wedding pictures

C) I get to take 2 days off work!!

Good things, Good things!

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now go read something interesting!