traveling redux

I have returned from the road trip with more wanderlust than before…2 days was just not enough. R & I did have fun in the car, many good convos about our shared spheres and their quirks, sex and compilation cds. It was entertaining.

The wedding pics are good, when the Big I isn’t making his dead face. I don’t think the Big I was too thrilled with the pics as a whole, but oh well, what can you do? With all the traveling and dog sitting as of late I’ve not gotten to spend much time with my UUSZBAND these last few weeks. We complain about how we don’t get to spend any QT together, but when I got home on Saturday, Ian fell asleep at 8:30 and then left me to go hang out with his guy friends on Sunday after we saw a movie. (Men in Black II, his choice, not too bad for a matinee) So I was pouty on Sunday and went to R’s to play a fun new game, Push Rummy, with R, Alex, and R’s friend Mark. After being trounced at push rummy and Mark’s Crazy Swedish Card game we went to Mark’s for a taco dinner and watched Gross Pointe Blank. Which made us all feel old.

We all felt old because we are all quickly approaching our 10-year high school reunion time…a great discussion ensued on if we looked as old as the characters in the movie. We all decided no, defiantly not. We do not have smile lines or eye crinkles. At least that’s what we were telling each other.

I stayed out until 11:30 last night…on a school night no less. Such the party animal.

This week is looking pretty uneventful again. My old ‘mate, Puddinhead is maybe going to be in the city this week so I’m hoping to hook up with her if she is.. (PH if you are reading this call me J) and a possible camping trip for the weekend, but something tells me that will not fly. Oh well, back to the boring day-to-day crap of the admin assistant…

Funny little side note…when you run puddinhead through the spell check it suggests muttonhead as a correct spelling. Heh!