the critics corner

my god this has been a long day.

each time i look at the clock it seems to be moving backward.

i really should be filing stuff but THAT is soooo not the way to spend a slow monday afternoon. i would rather be reading.

i'm reading this dumb book now that if i'd not actually purchased it i would have chucked it by now. it's called running in heals, it's british and the main character is anorexic. needless to say i'm soooo not identifying with her. what annoys me most is she will not stand up for herself. she's been whining for 265 pages about how ugly she is and how no one loves her. puuulleeese! it's pathetic.

anyway i do not recomend the novel.

i was reading a cookbook yesterday in which the author wrote that someone once told her to "think of what you enjoyed as a child and make that what you do". so the author opened a catering company in the hamptons. now what if what you enjoyed as a child was reading and playing make-believe? what in the world am i going to do with that special talent?

definatly not be an admin assistant!