the bitch is back

Ok so I've not written a damn thing since October but really nothing good was happening in my absence.

I did get laid off, so the unemployment has started to get slightly old but really if I could just get someone to pay me for sitting around the apartment righting run-on sentences the world would be practicly perfect.

Since November 11 I've lost 45 lbs. The surgery went well, I'm still figuring out how to eat & trying to deal with my emotional eating issue. Getting to the gym is the big bad habit I've got to get in to....the whole gym culture is a weird threatening place to me. Not sure why, I used to love gym class when I was a kid. Maybe it's all the burly short guys & uber thin chicks in dance pants & sports bras that are making me nervous. All that Hollywood ideal to deal with...but zoning out on the treadmill while listening to Dr. Phill tell women how to kick their Vicoden habit is oddly comforting.