corporate drone

So work. It blows.

This diary is subject to my frequent whining entries about how boring my little job is…so now I’ll spice it up a bit with frequent lamenting that soon I won’t have my crappy little job. That’s right; The Evil Lobbying Firm has been merged with Another Evil Lobbying Firm. So I should be unemployed just in time for the holidays! YES! Now really, I’m not all that broken up about the impending lack of a job because I was scheduled to be out on disability for the entire month of December recovering from surgery.

The Evil Board of Directors informed us of the merger the Monday after we all came back from Hurricane Isabel a.k.a. the weekend Katie repeatedly kicked Ian’s ass in Boggle. So since then no one has actually done any work - of any kind- we just come to work, everyone acts depressed and listless, and then we go home, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve readied my workstation for a super quick exit. All the “quirky homey touches” are gone, save a few pictures of the cat and Ian. All leftover items will be quickly stashed in my tote bag ready for the long sad walk to the metro. I learned my lesson the last time I was laid off, no one wants to lug home a big assed box full of cubicle crap. When your world has turned upside down you really start to question the need for various wind-up toys and why in the name of Dilbert are you wagging them around with you?

In other slightly good news, the first craft club meeting is tonight…and I’ve already broken the rules…First Rule of Craft Club…Don’t Talk About Craft Club!