welcome to the O.C....

Yeah, I know I’ve not updated this thing in many many moons. But I’ve been busy actually working…had to cut down on all that extra internet time at work….the Man was keeping me down.

But I’ve been sucking up to the right peeps so I shouldn’t be “at risk” any longer….but I’m not making any promises on regular updates. As I am feeling all jumpy and fragmented today this entry will consist of mainly a bunch of bullet points.

·I have my very first yoga class tonight…I bought a little purple mat and everything. I’ll report back on my moment of Zen tomorrow

·I fell on the escalator going down into the metro last week and jacked up my left foot and skinned my right shin. The urgent treatment doc described my injuries as a sprained foot and road rash (shin) on my chart. My legs look like a battle bot has attacked me.

·The bachelorette beach party extravaganza is next weekend. We are so ready for the O.C, bitch! This is how we do it in Ocean City! Word.

·I still need to get my crap together for the weekend…there seems to be a shortage of travel sized sunscreen in the greater metro area. Would it be tacky to just squirt some in a zip lock baggie?

·I’ve spent the last few months complaining that there were no over the counter version of Valium or zanax, but I found something that claims to do the same thing as Valium…it’s called SAMe. So far so good, I’ve not wanted to throttle people all day.