Hair Drama

Why do people explain their “issues” in public places? The woman who sits in the kiosk next to me is constantly having some sort of baby daddy drama or kid drama or $$drama. It’s insane. Or more aptly put She’s insane. She and her supervisor are currently discussing this drama out in the open. Sigh, oh how I miss my slightly more walled cube at my old job….at least I could half way block the insanity from others. Now I’ve just got my little kiosk.

On Saturday I had the grand idea to highlight my own hair. I should have known better. Instead of summery cute subtle blonde streaks in my light brown hair I ended up with brassy orange spots and clumps. NOT the look I was going for… I ended up missing Andrew’s Derby Party and spending an amazingly wonderful Saturday indoors because I was too vain to go out in public looking like bottle of bleach had dripped on my head. My hair stylist made all manner of fun of me and eventually fixed my problem on Sunday. I now have the subtle blonde streaks in my slightly darker light brown hair.

Ian and I saw Identity on Sunday. It was very good, and my movie star husband, John Cusak was brilliant as always. Run and see it this very minute.