I wish I was independently wealthy

All I want to do today is buy things I don’t need. It started when I bought my brother’s 25th birthday present. I purchased him what every red-blooded American young man wants; no, not strippers. He is now the proud member of the steak o’ the month club. His first installment of manliness is 4 bacon wrapped filets & 10 8 oz. Hamburgers. Needless to say he’s now deemed it the “Best Birthday Present EVER”. And I am now the world’s greatest sister. But since that rare bit of internet shopping I’ve been furiously searching for something cool for me to buy for myself.

I used to be a mad internet shopper. Every day I come home to a happy little box from Amazon or some other wonderful internet shopping wonderland but eventually the Visa man came a callin’ and I had to change my spendy ways.