at long last...an update

Name: Katie

Birthday: I知 27 but I値l be 28 in May but you might as well say 30, I hate non-milestone birthdays


Piercings: I have 2 holes in my ears but I only use one

Tattoos: I知 not one to commit easily. I致e not been able to decide if I壇 really want a tiny palm tree on my ankle when I知 an old person. So I値l just keep drawing my little faux tat on when I知 bored. Plus I致e given the Big I such shit about his tattoo that I知 sure I壇 never hear the end of it.


Height: 57


Shoe size: 8 ス or a 9 if they池e high heels


Hair color: I tend to think it痴 a dull mousy brown, but other people have called it blonde. I think they致e been stoned at the time but whatever.

Eye color: Blue

Length: Currently my hair is in a chin length bob. I cut it in January in a fit of Chicago indused madness. I do like it this way but I知 now wishing it was long enough to put in to a respectable ponytail.


movie you rented: This weekend I watched Blue Crush. We also got Barbershop and Spy Kids 2. Shut up, they池e cute kids.


song you listened to: Like a Stone, by Audioslave

song that was stuck in your head: see above

song you downloaded: A bunch of stuff by Ben Folds


CD you bought: I think it was Coldplaya rush of blood to the head. It痴 damn good.

CD you listened to: A mix that I downloaded. I think it has mostly Ben Folds & Beta Band on it plus a few random Dolly Parton songs


... person you've called: That would be my mother

... person who's called you: Again, my momwe池e freakishly close

Do ...

you have a bf or gf? I have a husband so I guess that counts.

you wish you could live somewhere else? YeahI知 a bit to close to the White House for my comfort level. I want to live far far away from any type of wacky terrorist threats.

... you think about suicide? Nope

others find you attractive? I知 not sure. I guess sois this an odd question to anyone else or is it just me?


you want more piercings? No thanks, I知 a holey as I壇 like to be


... you want more tattoos? I don稚 have any


... you drink? Not as much as I used to but I do like to imbibe on occasion


... you do drugs? I have smoked pot on occasion as well, but nothing else

... you like cleaning? Who ENJOYS cleaning?!? Not this chickalthough I have spent the last 2 weekends cleaning my apartment. And I知 talking down and dirty cleaning. I知 washing baseboards people. It痴 crazy.

you like roller coasters? I致e not been on one in a long time but they are great fun


... you write in cursive or print? Mostly print. My cursive looks like I flunked the 3rd grade.

For or against...

long distance relationships? I知 not sure how one can be for or against something like this but anyway... In my experience long distance relationships don稚 usually work out. But if you truly want to be with someone distance is a minor factor sometimes

using someone? Umm, not in theory nobut I知 sure everyone uses someone else to accomplish stuff all the timeit痴 the nature of the beast.

... suicide I would like to think that there is always another option than death. My mother has made me promise that if she is ever very sick from cancer or something that I would help her die with dignity but other than the euthanasia aspect of suicide I would have to go with against

... killing people? Murder is normally not big on my list of good things. Are we talking the death penalty here? If so then no; you should have to sit in a small room and think about the crime you committed FOREVER. If we are talking about abortion then that gets you in to the whole debate on if a fetus is a person blah blah controversy cakes. I知 pro-choice, just for the record.

... teenage smoking? Not a big supporter of smoking by anyone but I can稚 condemn another person for something they choose to do. But who would really want to smoke? I can稚 really figure that out. Maybe it was because my mother smoked when I was a kid thereby making smoking decidedly uncool.

... doing drugs?. I知 not opposed to pot but anything heavier than that and I start to get a bit leery. Anything you need to inject in to yourself or 田ook up just squicks me out.

... premarital sex? I知 just fine with the concept thank you

... driving drunk? This is a dumb question, why in the world would anyone be OK with drunk driving?

... gay/lesbian relationships? Whatever makes you happy; always for what makes you happy.


... soap operas? I miss getting to see themI loved Santa Barbara when I was in middle school and Days of Our Lives was my summertime addiction. And from what I致e heard of Passions I know I壇 be addicted in a matter of moments. Ooh, how I wish I had a Tivo.


... food: I have many! Mexican, Thai, Chinese, pretty much any type of cookie and or chocolaty type thing. I知 a sucker for a nice sugary treat. Ooh, and cheese. I loves me some cheese. As you can see I have a food issueI tend to like it too much.

... song: how can anyone like just one song?!? I have millions. One of my current faves is Rock Your Body but Justin Timberlake. Feel free to make fun. I am not ashamed.

... thing to do: go to the movies or get swept up in a good bookI知 also partial to just hanging about the house with Ian doing nothing all day long.

... thing to talk about: I heart talking about people as horrid as that is. I love love love to gossip. I think we all do otherwise how can you explain the success of reality television? I mean come on what is Married By America if not a big excuse to gossip shamelessly about other foolish people?

... sports: I love college basketball, specifically the University of Kentucky Wildcats. I知 also a big fan of tennis. Football is ok but I壇 rather do something else.

... drinks: I sorely miss my diet Pepsi habit. My life has been a mere shadow since I had to give up my sweet bubbly treat. Damn my sensitive tummy! If they didn稚 make me violently ill I壇 go have one right now. I知 trying to substitute Crystal Light iced tea and or Snapple but they just don稚 cut it. I知 also a big fan of hefeweizen, Guinness, & Killians. Appletinis and cosmos are always nice and you can稚 go wrong with a nice gin & tonic.

... clothes: I love my lounging clothes. Give me a pair of pj pants and an old t-shirt and I am COMFY!

... movies: I have about 85 favorite movies it rotates constantly. The current #1 is Imitation of Life.

... band[s]: I知 a big fan of the Counting Crows, the Beatles, Coldplay, Ben Folds, Frank Sinatra, older REM, Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams, Marvin Gaye, and just about any other Motown type artist

... holiday: Thanksgiving, as I love food and family, Christmas, as I love gifts and my family, and Halloween 祖ause nothing says fun like a big sack o candy.

... people: I知 awfully fond of my husband, family and my little sphere of friends that are spread all over the globe.

Have you...

... ever cried over a girl or guy? Well of course!

... ever lied to someone? Everyone lies, some people just won稚 admit to it. I am not one of those people

... ever been in a fist fight? With someone other than my brother? No.


... ever been arrested? Nope, it痴 my habit to stay one step ahead of the law at all times.


... shampoo do you use? Currently it痴 Garnier Nutrisse, it was on sale at Target.


... perfume do you use ? I alternate between Happy by Clinque and Oceanus by the Body Shop

... shoes do you wear? I would love to just wear my Birkenstocks all the time. I have about 28 pair of shoesmost of them being of the sandal varity.

... are you scared of? Someone I知 close to dying

... is your boss like? Slightly daft and very messy. Her office looks like a file cabinet or 5 exploded. She hordes the paper like you wouldn稚 believe.


... of times I have been in love: Twice

... of guys I have kissed: 4


... of girls I have kissed: 0, how boring

... of continents I have lived in: 1, just North America.

of cheap diary entries like this that I am going to do before writing a real one: as this is my first entry in 13 days I壇 say quite a few more.

Thanks to Heather at dancing brave and Tyger at tygerchild for the survey.