tiki drinks and sneaker purchases

I’ve not updated in a million years…at least it seems like that.

No much has changed, still in school…we’ve started to learn programming languages…which means I’m about to learn just enough to be dangerous. My IT peeps in my office are dreading the sight of me these days. I’m asking too many questions it seems. Oh well, I’ll wear them down soon.

The Big I is working from home these days, I am so very jealous. He gets to hang out in his pjs all day while working and can take a break and go to Target whenever. Not that he’s going to Target but you know what I’m saying here.

I bought some really cute sneakers today at Payless; Star Jones would be pleased I’m sure. Maybe not…they’re not stiletto sneakers. They’re brown suede with tan stripes on the side…sort of like chucks.

See this is all really boring stuff. But this is my life as of late.

Tonight the Big I is accompanying me to Caribbean themed restaurant. I plant to drink many drinks with small paper umbrellas in them