Attack of Bridezilla

This weekend I bought some new sneakers. And that my friends is the sum total of everything productive I did this weekend. Oh and I finally joined the 21st century and got a cell phone. I spent all weekend playing with it and sending text messages to Ian who was sitting in the same room with me. Shut up, I was bored.

Finished up my business systems analysis class. Now we start learning how to write programs. Iím curious on how we will learn anything with out using an actual computer while in the classroom, but Iím hoping that Professor Man will prove me otherwise.

Iím sitting here staring off in to space trying to think of something not so negative to discuss here but as usual I am coming up woefully short.

Iím trying to plan a bachelorette party for the most anal woman aliveÖ.and itís not fun.

She keeps sending me harassing emails. Arhg, Bridezilla, LEAVE ME ALONE! The frigginí party isnít until LABOR DAY and Iím getting a request from the Bride-to-Be to send her an activities lists & menus post haste. Seriously. I might have to kill her if this behavior doesnít cease and desist. Also she wants to me to buy everyone these t-shirt/lip gloss gifty things as favors. The damn things are $26.50 a pop and they donít come in my size. Whoo! Just let me get out that credit card! Crazy people.

Where oh where is the over the counter Valium when you need it?