February Fucks Me in the Ass Again

Did I ever mention how the months of February & October have been historically bad months for me in the past? I had great hope for February 2003. I was sure this would be the year to break the bad luck cycle; but once again Fate has slipped me a mickey.

Ian was laid off yesterday.

This time last year I was laid off from my old job at quest.

I would seriously like to just crawl in a hole and sleep for about 82 years. Either that or have a fondue night. Nothing like a pot of bubbly melted cheese and little forks full of yummy bits to make your day a wee bit brighter.

Maybe Iím in shock about all this. Now that I am bringiní home the bacon AND fryní it up in the panÖdear lord.

How can I support us on my tiny salary? I can barely support myself.

Where is the Xanax when you need one?