the big 100

This is my 100th entry on Diaryland. I’ve not updated in a week hoping that some sort of inspiration would strike and I’d have a doosie of an entry but alas…it’s been pretty tame in the life of Minnie Pearl lately.

It took a bit to get re-acclimated to DC after the weekend in Denver. I was all annoyed that my girls were far far away having fun without me. But I’ve gotten used to it again and life is back to it’s normal humdrum.

I saw Chicago on Saturday with some work peeps, it was very good, and I highly recommend it. I do think that it’s more of a film for the ladies…it’s all about killing your lying, cheating no good man. I rather enjoyed it. Not that my man is no good, but if you saw it you’d understand. I’ve been singing Cell Block Tango for 3 days now. Seriously, go watch it.

Other entertainment related news….If you’re not watching Alias on Sunday nights, please start. It’s just plain kick ass. It’s got something for everyone! Hotties are everywhere, the girls are hot, the guys are hot, there’s action and spy drama, and some really good sexual tension. I’m telling ya, it’s some DAMN fine television. So watch it. I know you’re not doing much else at 9 o’clock on Sunday night. Watch Sydney kick some evil spy ass. You’ll love it.

And no, I’m not working for Miramax or ABC. I just needed to have something to write about today. I’m thinking of signing up for Tygerchild’s Feberarium or whatever it is…as to give me some direction on what to write. Lately my thoughts have been rather dark and I just don’t want to indulge my self-pitying self too much. When all I write about is how sad my life is I just want to vomit after re-reading any of it. Besides all that pissing and moaning might alienate my precious readership…all 4 of you. :)

After a small SNAFU with my financial aid, I’ll be back in class tomorrow. I’m kind of sad about it…I was looking forward to 5 weeks of slack time and getting to watch Buffy live instead of on tape…so silly.

Well I’m off to write a “memo” on some aspect of business systems development. Oh yeah, that’s some good stuff…..argh the positive self-talking just isn’t working this afternoon.