unending chatter & dangling participles

I’ve spent entirely too much time with my husband as of late…I’m daydreaming of taking vacations alone. Shielding myself from unending chatter…

Oh how nice that sounds. He’s talked not stop for almost 13 days…I can barely get him out of the shoebox apartment for more than an afternoon. Why in the name of chile rellenos won’t his company send him to Texas for a weeklong training seminar?!?!

I also keep singing “I Want a New Drug”….that Huey Lewis & the News song. Which is making me WANT to take drugs as soon as I arrive on my doorstep this evening. But I can’t dig in to a large bottle of Rx drugs as I have a mass of stupid homework to do. I have to write a paperlett (2 page thing) on a customer service plan for a fictional pre-paid cellular phone company, make a list of all the databases that could be accessed via the crap in my purse, detail the number of clicks/steps it takes the average Joe to make an on-line reservation, and make up some intelligent bullshit to complete a fill in the blank type take home test.

I’ve got no patience for transitions today so forgive me if my writing is a bit choppier than the usual smooth prose you’ve become accustomed to.

This weekend Ian and I went to his parent’s house at the beach to do the belated Christmas thing. When we got to the beach house…no one was there. So we got a hotel room in OC and called his crazy family at their other house. They’d FORGOTTEN us. They thought it was next weekend that we were coming to visit. This is something that would destroy me if my family FORGOT I was coming to visit, but apparently this happens frequently in his family. So we spent our Saturday walking on a VERY cold beach and eating caramel corn. It was nice…when Ian would shut up…..then we woke up on Sunday and went to his ‘rent’s house for the “Christmas fun”.

I use the term fun very loosely. Ian’s oldest sister is going through the world’s ugliest divorce. It was all anyone talked about for 8 hours. I wanted to die. On the upside there were presents…I got a leather hobo bag and some leather gloves. Good thing I’m not a vegan. Ian got a cream colored sweater. I think his mother is allergic to color. It washes Ian out completely. The cream color that is…not colors in general.

Arrgh, maybe I’m getting a cold…maybe that ‘s why I’m not making any sense and writing sentences with dangling participles.