bubble gum pop and new metro cars

Happy New Year and all that.

It’s been so long since I’ve updated I had to reread my last entry to see what the hell was going on…

So Christmas, it was good. I went to KY on the 21st and spent some quality time with the fam. Ian arrived via Delta on Christmas Eve, he was scheduled to land at 11:30 pm but his plane didn’t really arrive until 12:30. So really he landed on Christmas Day. Jimmy and his new girlfriend, Leah, went with me.

Jimmy’s girlfriends are usually one of two types of girl.

Type One:

Former/ present cheerleader who is now deeply embedded in the quest to become a playboy centerfold. They were too much make up and are incredibly snobby.

Type Two:

Former / present soccer/volleyball/softball/track/basketball star with a strong mind and some type of competition fetish. These girls are always pretty but in a less playboy centerfold way.

I tend to like the type twos better but Leah is a class unto herself. She is from Lawrenceburg, was a cheerleader in high school, and now works as a nurse’s assistant at the local doctor’s office. She recently enrolled in nursing school. She tends to wear rings on every single finger of both hands. That would drive me nuts. She also has colored her hair to a strange brassy red/brown/gold color. Which does drive me nuts. Her family has had some well-publicized issues with domestic problems with alcohol. Needless to say my mother is not to enthused with this new girlfriend.

She’s very nice, and desperately wants to marry my silly brother. She actually told me that. Needless to say, I was taken aback. Jimmy when asked says he is not in the market for a wife & has told Leah this. She seems ignoring this, but Jimmy doesn’t want to break up. To this I say…what? Why would you continue in a relationship if you weren’t in love? Especially if the non-lover has told the one who IS in love how he feels. I am so confused by this entire ordeal. But anyway, maybe he’ll move on soon.

On to better things, Ian bought me a MP3 player, which is cool, but I can’t find any good sites where I can download songs by artists I’ve heard of for free. I can get a billion unsigned bands, but no fluffy pop songs by Justin Timberlake….and this is why I have the damn thing, so I won’t have to go in to a store and actually purchase an entire cd by Justin Timberlake. But that damned record industry! They’ve wiped out all the napsters, and I’m left with unsigned bands when all I want is a good fluffy bubblegum pop song.

Today feels like Monday. It’s like yesterday was Saturday and then we seem to have skipped Sunday. I need to go home.

More random thoughts, I rode one of the new metro trains this morning and it has significantly more leg room.