A Special Heart-Warming Christmas Edition

We all know how much of a procrastinator I am, but I will offer more proof on that subject with today’s entry.

Last Christmas, (I gave you my heart), a mother of a childhood friend asked me to look for DC metro themed Christmas ornaments for her tree, as she collects that kind of thing. I said that I would and returned home…well I never actually looked for the damned ornaments and now she REALLY wants them. So I waited until the last minute again and put it off until last night. I scoured the Old Town area for VA/MD/DC Christmas ornaments. I found a DC one that is a small wooden White House with a little wreath over the portico and a folk arty American flag/heart thing that says Alexandria, VA on it. I didn’t find anything with MD stuff so I’ll have to put that off until next year.

I also attempted to make some peanut butter fudge for my pal Andrew, but the attempt was thwarted as the Ghetto Giant didn’t have marshmallow crème…and I can’t make fudge without marshmallow crème. So I have to make the fudge tonight after happy hour. We’ll see how well my “drunken” fudge turns out….

Andrew is watching Maxwell for me while we’re away over the holidays. The boy’s a saint; he needs much more repayment than fudge. And no I’m not just sucking up, ‘cause I know you read this. Harrumph!

To all (4) my readers, I say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As I have been too lazy/preoccupied/broke/lazy again to get my act together and send out the damned cards this year. Thank you for sending me one J. I’m attempting to make supercool New Years Cards on the ‘puter so maybe you’ll get one after the 1st of the year. But I’m not making any promises.

The day is FLYING by…very weird, the week has been drrraaaaaaaaagging along and today speeds past like nobody’s business.

I might check in via the diary later in the week, as there could be interesting things afoot while in KY….

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, y’all.

(I’m getting in the KY state of mind)