really don't trouble yourself...it's bad...just skip it

So…how’s tricks?

Isn’t that the strangest expression? I had a friend in college who used to say that all the time…I wonder if he was implying that I was a prostitute or something…

I’ll give you my weekend update.

Friday we played the new Trivial Pursuit with Andrew and the briefly stateside MB. Ian and I won.

Saturday I did some Christmas shopping, took a nap, & watched 2 movies. Insomnia and The Others. Insomnia was ok, I had hoped for more, but alas, was disappointed. Then I watched The Others, which was really good and creepy but I’d seen it before.

Sunday I did more Christmas shopping, took another nap and watched Lifetime movies & went out for Mexican with MB. Fun was had by all.

I am still asleep and this entry is boring me more than usual. I’ll try to be more entertaining tomorrow.

Today I need to write a paper about databases. My god, could this be any more boring?