Up a creek.

This is where I am today…up a creek.

Part of my crap job is to take minutes of our various worthless committee meetings. And I recently lost my notes from the last meeting. And the minutes are due on Friday.

Fucked is what I am, forget about this creek business.

I recently also got a Satisfactory on my annual review. Satisfactory is the lowest score I’ve ever received on a work review. I suppose it was deserved, as I am a loser of committee meeting minutes. Looks like no Christmas bonus for me. Shit.

My office is also having a Christmas decorating contest tomorrow and part of my department’s contribution is food….so I have to go home and bake sugar cookies & then DECORATE them. I am a fool as I signed up voluntarily for this stupid thing. I’m such a tool. I printed out the Martha Stewart recipe but I’m leaning toward just buying the slice and bake and just rolling the damn things in colored sugar. That plan would be much easier to execute.

Ian gave me one of my Christmas gifties last night. I am now the proud owner of the Trivial Pursuit 20th Century edition. I’m planning a mad trivia fest for this weekend. I bought Ian the Cranium game, which looks like a lot of fun, but it calls for teams…and as I seem to be lacking in the social department lately it seems like we won’t be playing that one for a bit.