in-laws, christmas parades, getting locked out

Long time, no update….

We had a snow storm on Thursday which was still around on Friday…we don’t have magic snow like those people in Denver…our snow has to turn to slush before it melts.

I’ve been told that Colorado snow is “magic”, as it transforms magically directly in to a gas from a solid…. unlike regular snow that melts before turning in to a gaseous state.

So anyway, it snowed. Friday night we bummed around the shoebox, doing a whole lot of nothing. I got out the *SuperCool Fiber Optic Christmas Tree* of which I would marry if it was a single man…and if I was single too….what I’m trying to say here is that it is pretty. Oh so pretty. We also put up swags of blinking lights over the windows. Tonight I get out the stocking, to hang by our windowsills with care.

Saturday it was the much-dreaded trip to the in-laws. We got there around 2 pm after much fighting and whining on my part. I had to miss the only two non-work related holiday parties…so we could go and see his parents. Yes, I am a whiney bitch. So we sat around with the ‘rents and one set of sister-n-brother-n-laws, there was much talk of people’s respective jobs and why in the world someone would collect RC cars or snow globes as they only give you more to dust. I being a collector of nothing won brownie points with the mother-in-law on how good a housekeeper I am...HEEE! Tankfully Ian was otherwise occupied and could not tattle on my huge piles of crap that clog my home.

From Easton we went on to visit the other brother-in-law. There we had fun, Craig is a nut, a true and complete wack-o. His little town was having its annual Christmas parade that night and Craig’s house is right on the parade route! It was the world’s longest parade but was very funny. There are about 18 fire prevention queens & little misses in the Talbot County area…and they were all in their own separate convertibles for the parade. There were also several other tiny beauty pageant winners in convertibles, scores and scores of girl scouts, several dirt bike clubs, a herd of people on horses, various odd floats and of course 5 marching bands. I do enjoy a good drum line & I’ve officially turned in to my mother as I hooted and cheered for all the girl scouts and flag/drum corps that marched by. Yelling, “WHOOOO! GIRL SCOUTS!! or ALL RIGHT FLAG GIRLS!! Uhh, yeah, I’m a huge huge dork.

During the parade commotion, Craig decided that he needed to pass out tea and coffee to all those cold people walking by in the parade…and proceeded to give away all of his coffee mugs…all of them. He’s a nut I tell ya. He’s going to make it a yearly thing but next year he is planning on acquiring plastic or Styrofoam cups…

On Sunday I managed to lock myself out of my apartment after drinking about a bottle of wine…it’s no fun to be drunk and make nice with the neighbors. It really kills ones buzz. I also looked like a crazy person as I had not washed my hair but put it in to pigtails rather haphazardly. I also had on my crazy lady lounging gear…huge baggy gray sweater & the crop sweatpants that are about 8 sizes too big…and holey socks…very attractive. Then Ian got mad at me because I “wasted” $60 on a locksmith. After I chewed him a new one, I shrank one of his work shirts in the drier. I was rather pleased about the shrinkage.